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Take a seat at our gleaming copper bar and put yourself in the trusted hands of our whisky experts. With over 100 select Japanese and Scotch whiskies ranging from light and delicate to deep and smoky, there’s bound to be one for you. Or try one of our signature cocktails – our chamomile and charcoal Old-Fashioned is made with Nikka Yoichi 10 year old whisky, homemade chamomile syrup, bitters, charcoal and coconut; and our Apricot High Ball with Nikka whisky from the barrel, apricot jam, apricot brandy and soda.


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We specialise in rotisserie chicken at the Bull, accompanied by a selection of other breakfast-to-late-night dishes and seasonal specials. Our chicken is brined for four hours before being left to marinate for a further 24 hours in a mix of ginger, Asian spices and yogurt. It’s then finished with a deliciously-dark Nikka whisky glaze.


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